David Justin Urbas - Leave It To Me – Please!

People are really weird sometimes. I’m sure we all know that, just read the news any day of the week, but it does come as a bit of a shock when somebody you thought you knew really well does something a bit peculiar. Let me tell you what happened.

My good friend, Steven, is normally a reasonably hard working, average kind of a bloke. Still single, sells bank mortgages, loves a pint of beer with his mates and gets out occasionally to a football game. He has a small flat just behind the Rosemary Gardens in Canonbury. He’s had a few girlfriends, nothing permanent, and even though he gets a reasonable wage, he never seems to have any spare money for a holiday, or to buy a car.

I called on him the other day. It was a Saturday morning. He answered the door dressed in a tiger suit. I mean a real, professionally made tiger suit. I was speechless for about a minute as all sorts of things flashed through my head.

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