4 money management tips from David Justin Urbas for newlyweds

Just after starting new life, usually people choose two ways- either they continue spending in their own way or start sharing all the responsibilities with the other. However, in either cases, getting things into order is not so easy. To avoid the difficulties to manage financial responsibilities after marriage, follow the tips shared by David Justin Urbas.

Share your financial information with the spouse:

The first step of managing finance, after marriage is sharing all the financial information with your spouse. Let him or her know about each and every account you have and the debt you have to pay. Also try to know the spending behavior of your partner. If possible, make a plan on how both of you will carry the monthly expenses.

List down the goals:

The next thing which you have to do is writing down all your expenses. It may be any big purchase or anything other that will require huge investment. Once it is done accurately, both of you will have an idea on how much of your earnings needs to be saved.

Make a budget:

Creating a budget and sticking to that is the basis of successful financial management. When you have an estimation of your future expenses, create a budget. Different online tools and templates are now available online. You can use any one of those to create your own budget.

Decide who will pay the monthly bills:

After marriage, you may have to bear the joint expenses. In that case, making any one responsible for paying the bills will make things easier. You can have a joint credit card too for paying common expenses such as grocery bills and internet bills.

Surely you will want to stay in a financially secured position in future also. Though the expenses may increase slightly after marriage, you should continue saving for retirement. Also revise your insurance policies with the partner to get more benefits.


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