3 budgeting tips from David Justin Urbas for every small business owners

The start ups usually run on a limited budget, though they have a lots of things to do- from paying back loans to investing in new infrastructure. There is only one way to accomplish all these, i.e. saving money from wherever they can. Here are some tips from David Justin Urbas that can help you to utilize the financial resources perfectly.

Know your risks: Certain level of risk is associated with every type of business venture and each of these impact your organization financially. Thus, before making budget, it is important to know, what are the risks associated with your business and to what extent those can affect financial resources. Also take into account the expenses like health hazards for employees, expenses required for natural disaster and many more. Distinguishing between the long term and short term risks is also important for making budget effectively.

Estimate the expenses: Once all the risks to your business are identified, start listing down the expenses and estimating those. If your organization runs on project to project basis, you should predict expenses for each of those. However, there is always a chance that the actual expenses will be more than the anticipated cost. While making budget, you should be ready to meet these extra expenses. The best way to ensure this, is overestimating the expenses.

Be attentive to the sales cycle: Businesses go through busy and slow periods alternatively. If there is an off-season, you should take the expenses of that time into account. Apart from this, during these off-seasons, invest in such way so that your organization becomes prepared for the next sales boom.

During initial days, the businesses require investing a lot for different purposes. David Justin Urbas says that you should plan for these expenses early enough so that the financial risks can be mitigated.


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