David Justin Urbas - Will 'Financial Neurosis' Destroy Your Retirement Dreams?

I’m a wealth manager, not a psychologist (although I did some grad work in the field). Very simplistically, the term “neurosis” relates to an inability to adjust aspects of behavior to one’s current reality. In my practice I use the term “financial neurosis” to describe current financial decisions that are mired in the lifestyle of a prior stage of life.

A recent example from an uber-wealthy client comes to mind. He’s an older gentleman who has a small dish on his desk with scraps of paper. Upon closer examination I noticed the scraps were postage stamps that were not cancelled, cut from envelopes. Reacting to my obviously not-so-subtle look of surprise, he responded with a half grin: “my parents were children of the Depression; I never know when I might need to steam off those stamps. I know it’s crazy and even though I know I’ll never use them, I find them comforting.” No further discussion was necessary. It’s great when self-awareness allows us to enjoy our own quirkiness!

More at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robclarfeld/2017/02/21/will-financial-neurosis-destroy-your-retirement-dreams/#43fe68df100a


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