David Justin Urbas - 5 Easy Tips for Dating on a Budget

Having limited funds doesn't mean that you can't sweep your date off her feet. With a little preparation and some careful planning you can impress your sweetheart with a fun, creative date that she'll always remember. Skip the 5-star restaurant and get ready to make your sweetie swoon with these 5 easy tips for dating on a budget.

Dating Tip 1: Do Your Homework

The key to dating on a budget without looking cheap is to do your homework and be dialed in to what your significant other's interests are. If she loves to read do some research to find a quaint used book shop. Spend some time browsing the old books (most of which will be offered for very little money). Afterward you can afford to discuss your favorite authors over coffee and wrap it up with a free public reading by a poet or novelist at a library or university nearby. With a little planning you'll surprise your sweetheart and come off as extremely thoughtful, not extremely cheap - a great tip for dating which can win her heart and save you money.

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