David Justin Urbas - How To Get Past The Resistance To Hire A Financial Advisor

If you own a car, chances are you don’t wait until the engine explodes to maintain it.  If you own a home, you likely attend to normal maintenance and repairs rather than waiting until the paint has peeled off the walls or you can see the sky through your roof before taking action.  Yet, when it comes to your financial life (and I am talking about the entire scope of life goals planning, cash flow management, risk management, retirement planning, investments, college planning, estate planning and tax planning) you hide your head in the sand and avoid the “scary” stuff at all costs.  And why not? These topics likely aren’t within the scope of your personal expertise. Believe me, I get it!

In Part 1 of “I Would Hire A Financial Advisor, But…”http://bit.ly/2gEHYQJ   I explored some of the reasons why too many people do not actively seek out help in areas where they lack the appropriate expertise and experience to make consistently informed and appropriate decisions. When it comes to getting financial help, many people are raised with the idea that talking about money is big “no-no.”  In addition to that internal messaging, there is fear and confusion about whom to trust, levels of intimidation due to lack of comfort or knowledge and ego.

More at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelkay/2016/12/20/getting-past-resistance-to-hire-a-financial-advisor/#7e8ef28f52c9


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