David Justin Urbas - How to Choose the Best Financial Adviser?

Wealth generation requires specialized skills, which a financial adviser possesses. However, not all financial planners exhibit the same level of expertise. You need to choose a professional like David Justin Urbas who can frame the best investment strategies to fulfill your wealth creation goals. Follow these tips.

Finding Financial Adviser

First, you need to identify your financial requirements and then start looking a financial adviser. You can ask your family, friends, colleagues or lawyers for the recommendations. You can also approach industry associations for finding a financial adviser in your area. As per David Justin Urbas most of the associations direct their members to follow a code of conduct and participate in ongoing training sessions. Once you have chosen a financial planner, you need to check the educational qualifications, experience and other details, so that you get the best service.

Checking Educational Qualification

You need to check whether your preferred financial adviser possesses the right educational qualifications to assist you in attaining your financial goals. A financial adviser should have the capability for offering you advice after undergoing basic training sessions. In order to raise your chances of receiving advice, which is right for you, you need to search for an adviser who has completed a degree, advanced diploma or diploma in accounting, financial planning, economics or finance.

Ask Regarding the Experience

While choosing your financial adviser, you should clearly ask about some clients whom he or she has served in the past. This will help you in determining whether the financial planner has successfully sufficed requirements of clients whose goals match yours.

You should also check that the adviser offers advice on the financial products, which you possess currently. This is important when you maintain the super fund. You should be careful with dealing with advisers who sell only one investment product as this may not suffice your financial objective.

While selecting a financial adviser, always verify educational and experience. Hiring experts like, David Justin Urbas can help grow your financial portfolio smartly and safely.

Take the Help of a Financial Services Guide

To choose the best financial adviser, you can read the financial services guides, provided by different advisers. Such a guide can help you in knowing about the following things -
  • How the adviser charges and whether he or she receives any additional payment benefit
  • What are the services offered by the adviser
  • Whether he or she has any link to fund managers, such as life insurance companies, banks or other product providers, as this can affect the services or products offered
  • His or her license number
  • Who is the owner of the company where the financial adviser works
Go for Financial Services Offered by Lawyers

There are many lawyers who also work as financial advisers. If you take personal financial advice from a lawyer, make sure he or she has the proper license necessary for providing such service.

These are some of the tips on choosing a financial adviser. So, if you want help in forming investment strategies and planning finances, follow these tips and find the best adviser for yourself. 


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