When Is It Time To Hire A Financial Advisor?

From time to time I get emails from readers who have realized that they need financial help that goes beyond reading blogs and books.
Some readers’ finances have suddenly grown more complicated, either as the result of a new job or an inheritance, while others simply want personalized advice that helps them increase their savings or pay down debt.

At the moment, running Money Under 30 takes up all of my time, so I’m not able to offer advisory services myself. If I were to start, I’d likely seek the professional credentials of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
After 10 years of writing on the subject, I consider myself well versed in personal finance, but I don’t have experience with individual counseling. That’s something to consider if you seek a financial advisor; it’s no different than seeing a doctor who may have 10 years of research and publishing experience but has never performed clinical exams.


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