David Justin Urbas - Get Income for Life Without a Job

As we all get older and experience the ups and downs of the economy, we worry about job safety. In this fast paced world, the age of the 30 year career and gold watch and pension has gone out the window. What will the future look like? If we are dependent on social security alone, it is a dismal picture. A life after a glowing career that ends in poverty isn’t very attractive and the 7 figure next egg to replace lost income seems out of reach. That’s when I get these comments:

I will work until I die.

I can always find a job.

I will probably get a disease and die before I retire.

My kids will help me out financially.

These are all fear based comments that don’t really address the issue. There is a collective consciousness that work equals income. Work does equal income but we can also get income from other sources and this is undervalued when we review all of our potential sources of income as wage replacement. Take a look at these income producing income sources that aren’t earned income:

More at: http://www.wholeheartedway.com/investment-planning/get-income-without-a-job


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