How to save money for upcoming festivity expenses

Spending money unnecessarily on the festive seasons is a very common habit and often people with such habit really suffer throughout the year due to extra expenditure on special occasions. This year, if you want to avoid the problem, know the following tips from Justin Urbas.

Reduce use of credit card: 

It cannot be denied that on the festive seasons, especially on the Christmas and New Year, the shops come with great products. To most of us, bringing all these products to home seems really tempting. As a result, use of credit card becomes obvious and the effects of limitless shopping start to be realized soon after the occasion is over. This year , you can easily avoid this problem just by replacing the credit card with cash or debit card. Urbas states, whenever you are going for shopping, carry cash or debit card. It will surely compel you to stay within limit.

List what to buy: 

Before the festive season, list the items and gifts which you need to buy. While going to shop, make sure that your are not purchasing anything extra. Justin Urbas considers that it too will also help you a lot to control the expenses.

Start shopping early: 

Most of us start shopping for any occasion at the last moment and thus, often we do not have the time to look for the best deal. For getting rid of this, you can start a shopping with adequate time in your hand. It will be help you to compare the prices offered by different sellers and get the best deal.

Control spending on food and grocery: 

Not only gifts, often we spend extra on food and grocery too during festive season. You should keep in mind that some shops remain closed on the Christmas and New Year only. In other days, every shop will remain open as usual.

Justin Urbas also suggests to prepare a budget before the season and stay strictly within it for avoiding extra expenditure on the festive season.


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